Browning A-5 Sweet Sixteen 16ga


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The Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen Semi-Auto Shotgun is built on a sleeker, lighter receiver than the 12-gauge A5 to reduce weight for superb handling. For decades the A5 Sweet Sixteen has had a cult following, many consider it as one of the best upland bird guns ever produced. This may resemble your grandpa’s “humpback” Auto-5, but inside Browning has made dramatic innovations making the A5 a fast-cycling, versatile, recoil-operated, modern shotgun. The A5 still has the functional receiver profile the old humpback Auto-5 was famous for that extends the length of your sight plane, aiding in natural sight alignment, though now the receiver is built from rugged, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making the overall weight of the shotgun lighter than the old Auto-5. Browning designed the A5 Sweet Sixteen with a traditional walnut stock and forearm, though they included the modern Inflex II Technology recoil pad to aid in rapid follow-up shots. A vent rib and fiber-optic front sight, allows you to take full advantage of the A5’s long sight plane with positive swing and follow-through. The A5 comes with sate of the art Invector-DS (Double Seal) interchangeable choke tubes which have threads at the muzzle end and a brass seal at the other end that seal out dirt and fouling gases, keeping the threads surprisingly clean. The Browning Kinematic Drive System cycles the A5 semi-auto shotgun flawlessly with any load without any need of adjustment. The A5’s rugged design, combined with all the Sweet Sixteen’s added features, ensures superb performance. Incudes 3 choke tubes (F, M, IC).

  • Sleek, lightweight receiver
  • Superb handling upland gun
  • Fast cycling, recoil-operated
  • Kinematic Drive System
  • Invector-DS choke tubes
  • Inflex II recoil pad
  • Walnut stock
  • 28 inch barrel

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