You Owe it to the Dogs


It’s a below freezing morning, the type of crisp morning that does not come around often in the South, and you have been granted the rare opportunity to chase bob white quail behind champion Pointers. As you watch the dogs relentlessly fight through briar patch after briar patch in pursuit of a quail’s scent, the lead dog suddenly freezes in a patch of sage and the second dog confirms his point while backing with her tail pointing straight to the sky. You hurry to get into position, the sound of the covey startles you, and you fire two seemingly “easy” shots, but no feathers fly.

The dogs fulfilled their end of the bargain, but you were unable to deliver the mouth full of feathers that they craved.

The “easiest” shots can be missed without practice and a properly fitted shotgun

There are two main reasons most shooters miss: shooting mechanics and gun fit. Now that quail season is coming to a close, it is time to set your sights on improving both areas in order to make the most of the opportunities that next season will provide.

The best way to improve shooting skills is through repetition, and Selwood Farm on the outskirts of Childersburg, AL provides the perfect opportunity to practice year around.

Selwood Farm is owned and operated by Dell and Carolyn Hill

Selwood’s sporting clays course includes 26 fully automated shooting fields which provide shooters with realistic shooting presentations that will be seen in the field. Take your own gun or rent a new model Beretta or Browning from their Pro Shop. Selwood’s sporting clays course will allow for professionals to keep their skills sharp, and it is a perfect way for beginners to gain the exposure needed to get comfortable with a shotgun.

Seasoned shooter or a novice, Selwood’s shooting instructors will help improve your shooting skills

A well fitted gun will go a long way in improving accuracy while in the field or shooting sporting clays. In order to ensure a perfect gun fit, come by Caliber to meet with our professional stock fitters. We have the expertise required to make sure a gun is fit perfectly for you, your spouse, or your children.

If you are looking to purchase a new firearm for yourself or anyone in your family, head out to Selwood Farm and practice with their new model Beretta’s. Once you have decided it is the shotgun for you, come visit us at Caliber. We are a Trident Beretta dealer which allows us to provide the most competitive prices you can find.

Fast forward to next season and put yourself in the same situation following the bird dogs through the thinned pines and sage grass, except this time you are better prepared with a properly fitted shotgun. As the covey rises, you still experience the same jolt of excitement, but this time you are able to knock down two birds in two shots. One for each of the bird dogs that led you to the covey.

Get a perfectly fitted shotgun at Caliber, and go practice at Selwood Farm.

You owe it to the dogs.                              

Moses is rewarded with a mouth full of feathers

For more information about all that Selwood has to offer visit Selwood’s website or call 800-522-0403.